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Hi! I am Super Shanimal! Nice to meet you!

I am a creative, Doctor Who-obsessed, bohemian anglophile. Drawing and painting aren't my forte (though I sometimes do some graphic art), but I do enjoy writing, mostly poetry. I enjoy performing in musicals, most recently cast as Cogsworth in my school's Beauty and the Beast.

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"Ha ha ha! Dude, didn't I tell you what a
 I am at this game! That's, like, thirty-seven straight wins!"

"Um, Alfred, that's only five..."

"Pshht! Same diference."

You just sigh and roll your eyes. No use arguing with him. It's only Mario Cart, anyways.

He sets up a new round, then stops at the course selection screen. "Yo, [y/n], usually the rule is that whoever won the previous round gets to pick the course, but seeing as I've won all thirty-sev-"


"Whatever, you know what I mean. Anyways, since you haven't won once, I'll make an exception to the rule out of the, ahem, sheer kindness in my heart." You roll your eyes again. "So pick a course!"

"Umm... I pick... Koopa Cape."

"Seriously?! Man, that one's totally boring. Your pick, though, so whatevs." He selects the course and the game starts.

3, 2, 1, GO! and you're off! Alfred of course speeds ahead with perfect control of his car, while you're stuck swivelling from one side of the track to the other at the first curve. Eventually you gain control and start catching up. You grab a power up while passing Princess Peach and Toad, hoping you'll get a chance to use it on Alfred. You're doing much better this round, making it all the way up to third place, thankful to Bowser for slowing Alfred down some.

You see an upcoming opportunity to use the Koopa shell on your friend, and ready your finger over the button with a smirk on your face. Annnd...


You hiccup, sending a jolt through your body, and you unintentionally launch the shell in the wrong direction. It bounces off a wall and comes back to hit your car.

"Aargh!!" you cry in frustration, immediately followed by another hic. You eventually get back in control of the car, but a second later you're messed up by a hiccup. "Why do I get the hic hiccups now of hic all times!?"

"Aw, man, that really must suck!" Alfred says amused as he begins the final lap.

Toad hits you with a Koopa shell as you hiccup again. Princess Peach passes you, putting you in last again. "Aarrghhic!" you exclaim.

Your struggle to regain control is continuously interrupted by hiccups, and Alfred zooms across the finish line. "Whoo-hoo!" he yells, to which you hic angrily, glaring at the screen.

"Alright, next round!"

"I rehicfuse!" you say, getting up to go get a glass of water from the kitchen.

"Hey, [y/n]! Where are you going?" Alfred asks, coming down the stairs behind you.

"To try and cure these hic darn hiccups!"


You angrily get a glass out of one of his cabinets, filling it with ice and water in the dispenser on the fridge door.

You hiccup while bringing the cup to your lips, making some slosh down the front of your shirt. You grumble loudly and take a large sip, cold soaking through to your torso. You hiccup again as you bring the cup away, yelping as even more ice water hits you. You put the glass down on the counter and see Alfred with a thoughtful expression. "Um, Alfred?" He looks at you as you hold the wet fabric away from your body. "Do you have hic like a towel or hic something?"

He sees your wet shirt and seems to have an idea. "Yeah, of course! Follow me!"

He leads you up the stairs and down the hall, stopping at the linen closet to grab a towel, handing it to you, before turning into his room. You go in behind him, scanning all the posters and photographs on the walls while he rummages through a dresser drawer. "Here," he says as he tosses you a large, olive green t-shirt with a distressed gray military-style star printed on it, and he points at a bathroom door on one side of the room.

"Thank hic you," you say as you go into the rather spacious master bathroom, closing and locking the door behind you.

You pull your shirt off and use the towel to dry yourself, then pull the t-shirt he gave you over your head, putting your arms through the sleeves. The bottom hem reaches just over your knees.

You hang the towel and your wet shirt on the towel rack to dry and exit the bathroom, finding yourself alone in his room. You leave, peeking into the game room down the hall and see it empty before going downstairs.

He's in the kitchen, layering slices of American cheese on bread next to a George Foreman grill. A hiccup alerts him of your presence, and he turns around, staring at you in his shirt. "Oi! Hic my eyes are up here!" you bark playfully a moment later, pointing at your face.

His gaze snaps up, and he nervously chuckles, face turning pink. "Oh, y-yeah, sorry..." he stutters and turns back to the food he was preparing.

"So whatcha hic making?" you ask, leaning on the counter where you had left your water, picking it up carefully and waiting for a hiccup to come before taking a quick sip, avoiding what happened last time.

"Grilled cheese," he says, spreading butter on the outsides of both sandwiches and putting them on the grill, closing the lid.

"Awesome!" you chirp and hiccup again.

"Really?" he turns to you, smiling widely.

"Yeah, hic really! I love your grilled hic cheese!"

He smirks for some reason, and next thing you know, your whole body is being pushed, not too harshly though, against the counter. You gasp in surprise, eyes wide, and something presses against your mouth, making you squeak. You mind gets over its shock for half a second a moment later, just long enough for you to realize it's Alfred, kissing you, and it shuts off again. Your body just remains frozen, completely unsure of what to do. Arms snake around your waist, holding you securely as he continues to kiss you passionately. You realize your hands are propped up on his chest, elbows folded between your bodies.

A beeping comes from behind him, and he opens his eyes, slowly separating from you. He gets two plates from the cabinet and opens the grill, cutting the timer off like nothing had just happened. He puts a sandwich on each plate and unplugs the grill, gracefully spinning around to hand you one. You just continue standing there, fingers touching your lips, trying to breathe normally. He realizes you're not going to take it, and goes to the kitchen table with a shrug, setting the plates across from each other. He goes back to you and guides you with one hand on your back and the other on your arm to the table, pulling the chair out for you and helping you sit down.

Alfred was three-quarters of the way through his grilled cheese when you finally could speak. "U-u-uh w-what did you... W-why d-did you...?"

"I was being the hero and saved you from the hiccups! And it obvious worked!" he said pridefully.

He was right. You hadn't hiccuped since. "H-how...?"

"Oh, well I know the best way to stop them for me is to have someone scare me! So I scared you!"


"And because you look hot in my shirt. More than you usually do, of course," he says with a smirk and a suggestive eyebrow wiggle.

He lets out his signature laugh as you yell "ALFRED F. JONES! I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS!"

He stops laughing when he sees you glaring daggers at him, holding up a rolled up magazine that was on the table, and gulps before scampering off, pulling his smartphone out of his pocket and speed-dialing Arthur for backup as he runs into a room and slams the door, locking it in the process.
America x Reader -- Hiccups
Ugh the ending... Oh well...

I'm working on a Russia x Depressed!Reader, but this idea popped into my head, so...

Also does anyone remember when Donna kissed the Doctor in that Agatha Christie episode to startle him into spitting out poison? I couldn't help thinking about that...

I do not own Hetalia.


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